The 1st International Conference on Social Sciences, 

Management and Technology (ICSSMT2023)

December 21-21, 2023

Virtual Online Conference


Southeast Asia University and collaborative organizations welcome you to the 1st International Conference on Social Sciences, Management and Technology (ICSSMT2023). Groundbreaking discussions among global participants, experts and essential issues will be considered. For interested students, they can present their distinctive vision and research for peer and expert review. Moreover, valuable recommendations, new opportunities, and recognition contribute to professional growth.

All attendees will gain valuable updates, knowledge, answers, and more by submitting their work. This is an invitation for researchers, students and scholars to present their research articles to join the ICSSMT2023.

Consideration and Presentation

The papers will be reviewed by experts and included in the conference proceedings. Every paper must be presented at the conference. Outstanding articles in each field will be selected by referees and experts. We welcome you to join the conference, which will slight the gap between theory and practice. You can also help the field and humanity in some way. So get started now!


Call for paper 

1. Research articles in social sciences, such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resource management, management, business computers, business English, digital media, law, public administration, educational research, etc.


2. Research articles in science and technology, such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, safety engineering, industrial engineering, computer engineering, agricultural technology, engineering management, computer science, and other related fields.


Dates of Importance  

20 October 2023  Extended to 27 October 2023          Abstract Submission Deadline  摘要提交截止日期

25 October 2023         Abstract Acceptance Notification  摘要录用通知

3 November 2023  Extended to  30 November 2023         Full Manuscript Submission Deadline 完整稿件提交截止日期

20 November 2023   Extended to  6 December 2023      Full Manuscript Acceptance Notification  完整稿件接受通知

26 November 2023    Extended to 7-11 December 2023     Early-Bird Registration  早鸟登记截止日期

24 November 2023   Extended to 12 - 15 December 2023      Final Manuscript Submission Deadline  最终稿件提交

16 - 19 December 2023 General registration  一般登记

1-2 December 2023  Extended to 20 - 21 December 2023        Conference Dates   会议日期

Prepare the abstracts with no longer than 1 page of A4. 

Full paper within 8 pages of A4 and submit to the conference via the following link.

https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/ICSSMT2023  << Click

准备摘要不超过 1 页 A4 纸。


https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/ICSSMT2023  << Click

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Manuscripts of paper writing  

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